The Deer Season Sneak


There used to be a time when – like Christmas when you were a kid – deer hunting season just would not get here fast enough; it seemed like we shot forever, scouted for months, and yet opening day still seemed like a tiny spot on the horizon.  But now – as I get older (cough, cough) – it seems as though hunting season sneaks up behind me, shakes the sh*t out of me – once that first September chill hits me in the face – and reminds me that there’s only two weeks left.

Actually, less than two weeks.

Come this Saturday morning, you’ll find Jeff and I paired up with his son and stepson, as we chase whitetails during Michigan’s Youth Season.  It doesn’t seem like this should be happening quite yet, but I assure you that – come Saturday morning – we’ll be sitting in a blind, hoping that one of the bucks from the trailcam picture I posted a week or so ago shows his gorgeous antlered-head.

And, if he did, I’m sure you’d never wipe the smile from that kid’s face.

Then, a little over a week later, Michigan’s bow opener will be upon us.  It’s crazy to think that it’s already here, and that – just a little under a year ago – my bow season was about to be cut short when our second arrival made her early appearance.  And though I’m thankful that Mia is here, and that she is healthy, happy, and a little crazy, I’m really looking forward to bow season this year, simply because I missed so much of it last year.

In the days of old, the season opener seemed to take it’s sweet time – aging like a fine wine until it graced us with its presence come October 1st.  And now, though the season tends to sneak upon us, and arrive as we’re engrossed in all the things that go along with raising a family and having a full time job, it doesn’t make it any less exciting once it’s here.

Let the countdown begin, because we miss you old friend.


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