My “Trench” Gun: The Remington Model 870


meshooting1I know, I know, here it is bowhunting season and I’m writing about shotguns.  I honestly couldn’t help myself, though, after reading this post.  When you mention a Remington 870, I just start to get all mushy inside.  I forget about my bow, forget about deer hunting, and think about all the experiences the 870 and I have been through.

I’ve owned my Remington 870 12ga. for about 10 years.  I didn’t have my own shotgun – I always borrowed guns from family – and I decided that it was about time I bought a gun.  After some research, and after talking with a few family members and friends, I decided that the 870 was probably my best choice – an excellent all purpose shotgun that would fair well against multiple game species.

And that it did.

The 870 and I have pushed through thickets in search of rabbits;  it helped me kill my first deer with a firearm; it was instrumental in helping me knock down my first pheasant; and I had it in tow when I killed my first turkey this season.  I have obliterated multiple clay targets with it, and shot many a slug through it as well.  It is just a good all around gun.

Honestly, I have only owned one other shotgun – a single-shot New England 12ga. – because I just never needed another firearm to get the job done.  The 870 has allowed me to hunt multiple animal species and has never failed me once.  And if we’re being fair, I probably didn’t  take care of the gun as well as I should in it’s early years, and yet it still has never failed me; the gun is scratched, gouged, and has plenty of character marks on it.  But I don’t consider that a negative thing, because each one of those marks tells a story about past hunts.

My 870, that I affectionately call my “trench” gun, has been there through thick and thin and has provided a variety of different table fare for me and my family.

Remington definitely got it right when they made this gun, and apparently people can’t get enough of a good thing, because Remington recently built their ten millionth 870.

Apparently a lot of people have the same love affair with the gun that I do, and like to hang out in the “trenches”.

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  • That is a good gun for sure. We all have our favorites and mine is a Maverick 88 made by Mossberg, I have had this particular one for 17 years now.

  • The number one selling gun of all time! It is indeed a classic and a gun that you can abuse and beat up and it just keeps working.

  • but it has a trigger safety…. :)

    Hubby hears that from me just about every time he shows me a shotgun that isn’t made by Mossberg or Browning. I prefer a tang safety so… anyway :) It looks like when I get a semi-auto instead of a pump I’ll have to special order a left-handed one and then learn to use it!

    It amazes me how natural my shotgun or rifle feel when I pick them up and aim at something – they feel like just an extension of me because I’ve used them so often. When I pick up someone else’s gun to “try” it always feels a bit awkward at first, although of those I’ve “tried” there is an awesome Frenchi I’d love to make my own – that little gun was sweet!

  • That is a great gun. I have two 1100’s and wish they were both 870’s. The automatics are just to touchy in this dusty county and you’re having to clean them continually, or they jam.

    I too am left handed but have always shot right handed shotguns. Maybe not the safest but I do and you get used to the shells flying back at you after awhile.

  • I also have the 870, and it is by far the best all purpose shotgun. I got mine as a 12 gauge with both smooth bore and rifled slug barrels. The guns themselves are rather “plain,” but I’m not afraid to take it out in the woods and put a scratch on it. They might not be as nice as the 1100/1187 or a Browning, but I wouldn’t want to damage the high gloss finish on one of them.

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