Helping a Friend and some other Tidbits.


I had a few ideas for my post today, but after reading Holly’s latest blog post I was quite taken aback.  Not really knowing what I could do to help, I felt, well, helpless.  I figured one way I could help immediately was to spread the word and that is what the beginning of this post is about.

Holly lost a former student somewhat unexpectedly this week, and in honor of that student they have a scholarship fund setup.  I think all of us should try to do what we can to help “pad” that scholarship fund so to speak.  Even if you can’t spare a dime at the moment, the least thing you and I can do, is to help spread the word about this wonderful scholarship fund set up in honor of a wonderful person.

If you would like to contribute to the fund in honor of Holly’s friend, Jamie Gonzales, you can do so by sending a check here:

The Jamie Gonzales Memorial Scholarship Fund
c/o The State Hornet
Sacramento State
6000 J St., University Union-2nd Floor
Sacramento CA 95819-6102

On another note, if you would like to get your dander up a bit you can do so by reading this article on MSNBC.  Apparently some execs from AIG went on quite the hunting trip on your tax dollar.  If you don’t believe me, go and read the article.  And I have to say thank you to Mike, over at the Hooks and Bullets blog, for pointing me to this little tidbit.

And after all of that I’m going to end on a positive note.  Abby is doing good, mom is doing good, and everyone is finally settling into a routine.  The wife also has clearance to drive, so on Saturday morning, I’m heading out to my deer stand.  I haven’t decided which one I’m setting yet, but I know I’m going to be in one of them.  I haven’t been out since the first of October, so it is going to feel great to be back in the woods again.

Of course I will let everyone know how that goes.

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  • Arthur, its nice to see everyone helping Holly spread the word about Jamie.

    Glad to hear Mom and Abby are doing well. We need some new pictures.

    Stay safe this weekend.

  • I’m so glad so many people have picked up the post about the scholarship fund. Hopefully we can help it grow.

    I’m also with Jody, we need some new pictures of Abby and the family.

    I’ll also echo her last comment, do stay safe while you’re out this weekend.

  • Arthur, thank you so much. It means a lot, when you feel like you’re falling, to realize there is this huge community that will catch you without a moment’s hesitation. Your support and concern is a blessing I don’t take for granted.

  • Nice to see everyone’s support of this good cause.

    Good luck this weekend – hope you enjoy your time regardless of what happens.

  • Glad everyone is doing fine and I hope you had some good luck.

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